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Nelson Mandela Institute for Rural Education

Support Rural Education in South Africa

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$100,000 goal

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Celebrate Nelson Mandela's Legacy in Education

Just before he formally retired from public life, President Nelson Mandela established the Nelson Mandela Institute (NMI) to take forward his legacy work in education.

The organisation works in long term partnership with teachers, community leaders, parents and children to create sustainable and quality primary schooling serving poor communities, working toward the goal that every child learns to read, write and work confidently with numbers by the end of primary school.

As the world celebrates Mandela's Centenary, the NMI is ready to take these methods and innovations to wide scale.

How does your contribution help the NMI?

$50 - Contributes 8 quality is iXhosa reading books to a classroom library

$100 - Buys 5 children learning material in math for a school year.

$200 - Buys 5 children with learning material for literacy and mathematics across a school year.

$1200 - Buys a complete set of teaching and learning material for 35 children for a school year.

$2000 - Supports three months of community literacy work in rural Mbizana

$5000 - Supports the renovations of one classroom

$10,000 - Supports a full programme of materials and teacher support for 2 classrooms for a year

$20,000 - Supports a full programme of materials and teacher support for a school year (K to 3)

$100,000 - Builds a new classroom toward the foundng of the Mandela Freedom School Note: Classroom to be named after donor or African hero of donor's choice